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Water / Sanitation


National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK), the leading consultancy firm of Pakistan handling various national and international projects of different types, has designed the complete infrastructure like roads, water supply, sewerage and drainage works of one of the biggest, well planned and complete in all facilities schemes of the country, G. Magnolia Park Housing Scheme, Gujranwala. The scheme is based on international planning and design standards like ASTM, ACI, AASHTO, BSI, WHO etc. and national standards specifications like NHA, WASA, PS, WAPDA etc.
Currently, the construction of the infrastructural works of the Housing Scheme is in progress under the supervision of NESPAK where the quality of works has been maintained using various national and international testing and quality control standards. Relevant technical specifications prepared by NESPAK are being followed by the site staff for the execution of the various infrastructural works.
Supply of clean and WHO standard quality potable water in a surplus quantity to the scheme residents has been made possible by the installation of three (03) tube wells of 2 cusecs capacity each and construction of three Overhead reservoirs of capacity one lakh gallons each and a height of around 100 ft. Distribution Network has been designed using loop system with pipe sizing/capacity based on the peak hour flows of the areas to be served as worked out by considering 80 gallons per capita per day consumption and a farthest point pressure of 20 psi.
An efficient sewerage and drainage system has been provided in the scheme to cater for the waste and rain water of the scheme.
Sewerage system has been designed using Manning’s formula for peak flow calculations and taking 85% return of potable water demand of the scheme as sewage water along with an allowance of infiltration and storm water. A sewage disposal station is also proposed in the scheme near the final disposal point of the main sewer i.e. Pipliwala drain. RCC sewer pipes with size varying from 9 to 27 in dia have been provided.

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